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MTC Where Solutions Come First


Our technology products include:
• NUVU, NUVU-Z and NUVU-IR Inspection Systems

• MLS Surface Characterization System

• JANUS Barcode Reader

• DURACON™ Coatings

Janus is a universal Bar Code Reader developed in a joint collaboration between M T C and Spectrum Technologies PLC, an instrumentation company located in Bridgend, UK. Janus is slated for introduction in June 2002.

DURACON™ is a family of unique optical black coatings with emissivity approaching nearly 100%. These coatings are mechanically durable and rugged and stable to temperatures as high as nearly 1000F. DURACON™ black coatings have now been sold by M T C's sister company, American IMEX Corporation to over 25 defense contractors and commercial businesses. A product datasheet is included.

Industrial consumables.