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Our engineering facilities are located in a HUB Zone in Bridgeport and in a light industrial area in Milford, CT. A brief list of relevant instrumentation and test facilities includes:

  • Raytheon Amber Radiance PM 1 Infra Red Focal Plane Array Thermal Image with Amber image processing software and dedicated PC
  • NUVU Optical Imaging system
  • NUVU-IR Infra-red Thermography Inspection System
  • Videocassette Recorder
  • Optical bench and fixturing for laboratory image acquisition
  • Tripod and other sundry supplies
  • Eleven furnaces (with full computer controlled operation) and ovens ==> Temperature control
  • Autoclave and constant temperature baths for environment-controlled tests
    ==> Environment (including moisture and humidity) control
  • DSC, DTA, TGA instruments, pH meters, electronic balances ==> Chemistry control
  • Fume hoods and Controlled atmosphere process and test facility ==> Environment control
  • MTS 810 Fully Automated Universal Test Facility for flexing, bending, tension, compression, vibration (up to 60 Hz), fatigue and crack-propagation monitoring capabilities up to 750°C. Computer interfacing capability for data acquisition, analysis and management
    ==> Stress and strain control (if required)